CinematiQc : A brand new EPIC blog !

J0W3x is my artist name, which is the leet form of JOWEx (“Joe Ex”).  I’m a 21-years-old full-time student and hobby composer from Quebec. Being a girl composer is not really common, at least that’s what I’ve observed through my epic journey up to date.  That’s why I created this blog, to share my songs and promote epic music industry. Beside music, I also like photography and drawing
 Joe // 21 years old // Québec, Canada.
Full-time student | Artist | Music & Photography

CinematiQc is a blog about epic and cinematic music where you’ll find original compositions, composers & libraries channel and epic music promotion channels. I’ll also post non-related epic content such as photo editing, drawings and interesting links (funny pictures, websites, viral videos, etc).

Important: Since french is my native language, english mistakes may appears and some of my texts will be written entirely in french… but no worries ! I’ll translate french texts at the end of each post and feel free to communicate with me if you see english mistakes. I do my best since I don’t like to use Google translation.

*I do not answer to mean/rude comments. Thanks.*

Have a nice day and enjoy your epic journey,



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