Behind the track: « Sorry »

upcoming song_detailed
This is how the upcoming song looks like in MIDI-roll format.
Listen to the demo | click here

Recently, I started a new emotional track called « Sorry ». It tells the story of a young person trying to fix its past mistakes so people around forgive and accept its apologize. So far, I only composed the mid-melody and you can hear it by clicking on the link above.

Next steps ?

Mid-Melody… part 2
After I’ll finish that super long « let’s fit the note in their right lenght » process, I’ll have to find the perfect piano.

Main melody
I’d like to put some strings for the main melody and maybe some percussions.

Percussion and Accompagnement melody
Few more details and the songs is finish… or almost.

Mixing and Mastering
I’ll be honest, that part in composition is still new to me and I always do my best to offer a good quality in my sound. For that reason, final songs are always better when we hear them in headphones. However, I ALWAYS « test » my songs on a laptop, with headphones and on desktop speakers.

Still a lot to do, and I’m confident for the rest of the song.


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