“In My Head” : First track ever featured on Epic Music Promotion Channel

About 1 month after it’s official release on my channel, this track got featured on:
ThePrimeCronus, SubZero90EpicMusic and xXFightandLegendXx

Update | On November 21,2013: MusicKaira1, another popular promotion channel featured my song! :D

Released on my channel on July 23th, 2013.
Title: In My Head Raw Mix FULL
Composer: Marie-Josée (J0W3x)
Free download : https://soundcloud.com/nineteen-eleven/inmyheadrawmix

For the picture, go on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/J0W3x

About the song //
I did the song with Music Maker Jam (Movie Score 1,2,3 and Dubstep vol. 2 loops).
I did the picture with Picasa and I used a Canon Powershot A495 with the widescreen mode.

Download info //
It’s for non-commercial, personal use and entertainment only.
Send me a link to you project, so I can like and comment :)
If you want I can even share it :P

I would like to do a mini album with some of my best songs and this one will be there, so please, don’t copy it and give me credit if you use this preview. Same for the complete version. This is my first « seriously made » song on Music Maker Jam.

Feel free to comment :)

Please, let me know in comment if you used the pictures and/or the song and leave me a link so I can like and share your stuff. Don’t forget to give me credit.  :)


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