Best Memories of Autumn 2013 : The Poetry Book Promotion Project ! :)

Ohhhh, memories ! I’m school free since one week now and thought it would be great to share some of my favorite moments from the session « Autumn 2013 ».

One of my favorite class was the one where we were only 3 students. That was truly awesome and we had a lot of fun doing our team works.The following photos were my submission for a poetry book promotion project.The book is about food and flavors, so obviously we all had to integrate these themes into our photos, or at least try to do so! ;)

About the work

We had to find a way to « target » publics: For Everyone, College/Universities Literature Studies, High School, Elementary school and Food Specialized Web Press. For each pictures, we had to describe them and tell why they were good enough for a web promo campaign.

My submissions

My favorite photo of that project is by far this photo editing :

This was for the High School / Teenage public « target ».
I imagined a « perfect » teen desktop and wanted to make the book looks techno and super cool !

(And believe me, it truly is ! :D)

Since the wallpaper (which is also a picture I took) looks a little bit to girly, I put a CD about video games music to catch up guys sight. The other elements are neutral. The goal is to makes teens says: Wow ! If there’s a wallpaper of that book, it might be cool !

For the 4 others pictures of the serie, you can click on them to read a short description about the creation process:


You probably noticed that two photos out of 5 do not feature the book 47 atelier des saveurs, that’s because I didn’t really thought about it during the creating process, haha. However, in my paper work, I made sure to put recommendation of how we could match the book with the picture.

The whole work has been done in french, so I did my best to explain it in english.


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