Happy holidays bros ! [part 1]

Happy Holidays ! :D

Health and Success through your life. & I wish 2014 be full of happiness and exciting projects for all of you !

Here's my holidays' gift to you !

A brand new song, entirely done using MIDI-Roll. For the first time, I used Velocity and Pan in the same song. Speaking of Pan… you'll have a better listening if you use headphones or desktop speakers. I tested it on my laptop and you can hear it perfectly too.

About the song :

This is the official title of my track called Sorry. I think that "All. Those. Moments" is more beautiful and less depressive. It’s also the official final version demo… full-length. It is cinematic, don't really know if it's epic too… to me it is.

You can use it for whatever PERSONAL & NON-COMMERCIAL project you want to do, even promoting my song on your music channel. All I ask is to put this into your description:

Title: All. Those. Moments.
Composer: J0W3x
Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/J0W3x
Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/nineteen-eleven
Facebook: https://facebook.com/J0W3x

Coming during 2014 :

Beside keeping that blog updated, I’ll do a mini-album including this track, 2PointO and 4 new exclusives tracks. Only two tracks out of 6 will be done with pre-made loops and the 2 unknown songs won’t be publish on youtube until the complete project is ready.

That means that for the next videos, I’ll post a little more MAGIX tracks to keep the surprise for that mini-album. Don’t worry, I’ll keep uploading Midi-Roll tracks… but less.

I got 1 month school free and I’m ready to create ! :D
Much love and thanks for the support! :D


All the right of the picture goes to the artist. It’s for entertainment purpose only and I don’t make money out of my videos. If someone knows where to find the original link, please leave it in the comment. :D

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