Happy Holidays bros ! [part 2]

[If it’s not done yet… Read part 1 :D ]

Hey epic bros ! :P

Ever wonder how do I compose tracks on a midi-roll ? Well, it’s quite simple ! :) Here’s recap of the whole creating process behind the track « All. Those. Moments. »

Sorry Project: Creating a song using a DAW and my imagination.

1. Practice + Improvisation on my keyboard, for hours… days or sometimes weeks and months.

2. Live recording to keep in mind the melody I just created:

3. Put it into MIDI format, to avoid these awkward ambient noises:

*break of few days, where I listen again and again the piano midi track.*

4. Add a second (and sometimes a third) melody:

* break of few days or weeks where I listen to the new version forever (!) and imagine what I can add more, BEFORE the rythm part.*

5. At this step, my song need some rythm (percussion, drums and/or synth):

*usually, most of my songs ends here. BUT, some needs another break of few days, few weeks to imagine which details would fit and make them even more awesome. That’s also the same step where I publish my demo. :) *

So ! Yeah, haha, generally, this is how it works !
That explains why it take me ages to do a MIDI-roll track. xD Still a little bit faster than few years ago… xD

Have a nice day !

Picture : merry christmas to you by darkmello found on deviantart :D


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