Artist Moments: I met Improvisation on PreSonus Street.

There are moments where artist just feel like they HAVE to throw their heart on whatever their media is: for me it’s music. ( & sometimes drawing, but that’s not gonna be our subject today. haha) It’s been weeks that I work on the perfect song for my mini-album and TODAY was apparently the good one : I met Improvisation on PreSonus Street.

That. Was. AWESOME.

I played for 5 minutes and ended up with something that every artist will live at least once during it’s life: A super duper awkward result that I really didn’t know if I’ll work on it later. Why? Well… Quantization is pretty hard to figure out when you’re new to this, so I dealt with it and the whole result surprised me. A LOT.

closeup of the song I’m currently working on… or at least, the song that brought inspiration back. :D

I won’t tell you more about that track cause I don’t know if it will be release to public or if I’ll keep it private. I just wanted to share my joyful artist moment. :)

// mini-update spree of January 5th, 2014 //

10 more days before school starts again, oh wow! Holidays are so short. xD
Currently working and thinking about another song for Youtube upload. Stay tuned!
My Facebook page as a new cover, let’s take a look!

Have a nice & wonderful epic day !


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