Mini-Album « Time » Update : Tracklist

Recently I’ve finally found all my titles for my album :

All. Those. Moments.
Prepare to fight
Before Apocalypse
Midnight Nightmares

Note: Order may change 

Wondering about where I find my inspiration ? Here some extra infos about each songs ! :P

2.0 – Technology is the future. (Piano-roll track)

     Published in 2013, this is the first song I wanted to include in the album. Its sort of futuristic touch with synth is a reference to our new technology era. In 2013, and even a little bit earlier, I can’t count how many times people were saying « 2.0 ». This expression was in newspapers, on TV shows, in magazines : EVERYWHERE. So I just had to do a song about it, didn’t have choice. haha

Around the same time, I had published a lot of pre-made loops tracks and I was ready to share with my fans a whole new vision of my music : original tracks. I’ve done a lot in the past, but I improved my skills and really wanted to do something new ! :)

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All. Those. Moments. – A step into emotional epic trend ? (Piano-roll track)

      Also published in 2013, it’s thanks to this track that now I want to do a mini-album. It all started as a short impro on my keyboard. Once upon a time, it was known as « Sorry » & it was supposed to tell the story of a young person trying to fix its past mistakes so people around forgive and accept its apologize. I was inspired a lot by the sort of trend of emotional music that was going on Youtube and my personal life. That song is very special to me, I’ll dedicate a complete post later this month. :)

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Prepare to fight – A percussion track ! :D (Pre-made loops track)

   I was playing with the percussion loops on MAGIX Music Maker Soundtrack Edition and went on an epic spy/warrior/army/action spree. Technically, it is complete, but I’m still not sure if I will publish it as it is OR add some instruments. It sounds like sound design… since it’s mostly drums and percussions, with pads and FX. I’m still working on it, it’s almost finish. :)

Still very happy of the result, so far ! :D

Before Apocalypse – Working on it ! Super hard. *thumbs up* (Piano-roll track)

       This is the 3rd album track done on a piano-roll and I have LOADS of ideas. So many ideas I can’t really pick the good one, so I listen in repeat mode to the huge 5-minutes impro I did on presonus. I wanted piano with delay but we’ll see how the whole thing will turn out. All I know is that it won’t be a typical massive action track, I imagine a scene of destruction with a nice piano track in background, where sadness meet hope for the last time.

Midnight Nightmares – Not in creative process yet.

So far, the only thing I know about this song is its title and this tagline:
« Sometime we just wish that some bad moments are nightmares and that we will wake up in few minutes. »
Hahaha, I think it says it all. Isn’t ? :)

Time – Open your eyes, everything is ok.

This song will be about hope in a better future, like the whole album.
It’s still only an idea, I didn’t work on it yet.

So that’s all I have to tell you about my upcoming album. Still working on the picture, I wish I can draw a clock but well ! Miracles might happen and I’ll maybe find something else! :D I keep you updated, stay tuned !

Have a wonderful epic day ! :)


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