Mini-Weekly Update, Awesome pictures & Some favorite songs

Hello epic bros !

Time is like the fastest thing ever, I wish I could make it slower. I go back to school tomorrow and I have to say that I have a pretty good schedule : I’ll be able to compose and it shouldn’t affect my mini-album. Speaking of it, I’m now working super hard on 3 songs:

Prepare to fight = It’s only a question about details I should keep or not. It’s almost done.
Before Apocalypse = Accompagnement melody stuck in my head, main melody not that clear but also stuck in my head. haha. Not done on the keyboard yet… or almost.
Time = Everything begins to make sense. I focus on this song since I got more inspiration for it at the moment.

I’m also working on January track: Epic Mindfuck Project.
(yes… wierd name for a project I know xD)
It’s a loop mixing track where I used Music Maker Jam & it’s pretty similar to « In My Head » since I mix Movie Score loops with other style (such as Berlin Minimal & Big Beat). I won’t say more about it, just stay tuned ! It’ll be out very soon on YouTube. Oh btw ! I did a public announcement about my new second channel, please click here for more infos.

That mini-update done, I’d like to focus my sunday post on pictures and music: one of my biggest source of inspiration. Here’s my pictures of the week and my top 3 songs of all time (not related to epic music). Ready ? Epicness in 3, 2, 1.

Pictures of the week
(Note for the artist: It’s for entertainment only guys and I made sure I could link back to your respective page. If you have any problem with finding your picture here, please contact me here)

All right, I’m usually afraid of fish but for some mysterious reasons, jellyfish are part of the few exception.monteray_bay_aquarium_049_by_kissi135-d72vtz6
Monteray Bay Aquarium 049 by Kissi135 on deviantART

I’m simply hypnotized by this wallpaper. Simply. Beautiful.
I’m sorry guys, I can’t put the actual picture here since it’s written on the artist page to not redistribute the picture outside deviantArt. As I wrote on artist page, I remove the picture, but I let the link in the post, so you can click on it and look at her beautiful and wonderful art. Thanks for understanding !
The Scent of the Night by lindelokse on deviantART

The expression on its face. I’ve got no words for that, I just love that picture.
ANIMA – Imprisoned by DamaiMikaz on deviantART

Bufadero sunrise by Carlos Solinis Camalich on
So. Beautiful. Colors.

Bufadero sunrise by
Carlos Solinis Camalich
(found on 500px)

Untitled by
Zdenek Weber

(found on 500px)

Untitled by Zdenek Weber on
Please view in full view.
I just love that photo.

Three songs that I LOVE and that are NOT related to epic / filmscore music :

01. Zombies by The Cranberries

02. Falling Leaves by Billy Talent

03. Brick By Boring Brick by Paramore

Before ending that post, I’d like to ask you :
What are you favorite songs of all times ? (they can be in any style :) !)

Have a wonderful & epic week bros,


Any question / you notice some mistakes?
Feel free to share your opinion in the comment below or on it’s facebook status


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