Sunday Post: The « More Epicness Here! » Section

Hello everyone !

How was your day ?
(and if you day hasn’t began yet: Good Morning !)

Mine was awesome in overall. :)
Today’s post is about the section « More Epicness Here! » of that blog. In fact it’s the first post from that section.
*WOOT!! thumbs up* Hahaha.

This section is about epic music, composers, promoters & music library. You’ll find epic playlist, music that I love from every type of composers, trailers and links ! :)

It’s also a promotion space. Absolutely free.

Wanna give a try? :D

Here how it works :

1) Artist name
Your name or nickname.
I need that field, since I think it’s way more awesome to reply back to a name than an anonymous blank space.

2) Main Epic Music style
I’d like to know what kind of instrumental music are you doing. Do you have a favorite mood that you prefer to compose ?
Emotional, Action, Hybrid, Rock, Metal Symphonic, Celtic, Orchestral Dubstep, Remixes, Fan Made Score,etc.
You can skip that part. :P

3) Hello there, how can I promote you?
You can write a little text about you and suggest me one of your newest / most popular track.
Or, simply tell me what should I promote from you. (your facebook, bandcamp, soundcloud, youtube, myspace, etc.)

4) Please write down website where I can contact you back. Thanks !
This section is way more easier for me than using the awesome email system.
That also allow me to check out your stuff, give feedback and know more about your music.
I’ll contact you back as soon as I can. :D

If you’re interested, please leave your submission here :

Before I end that post, I just wanted to say that concerning Album « Time »:

The track « Time » is on it ways for the piano-roll step (yay !!)
« Prepare to fight » is still on hold… really don’t know if I’ll put orchestral or leave it as a percussion track. xD
« Before Apocalypse » is on the keyboard step, I just began to explore some melodies and rhythm.
« Midnight Nightmares » gonna be the second loop mixing track, with « Prepare to fight ».

Have a wonderful & epic day !


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