Bridge Of Time : Mini-album « Time » brand new preview !

What an abstract concept to explore.

Is trying to put a soundtrack to the word « Time » a little bit harder than I thought ?

Not that much, the hardest part will be to choose the order of the track : will it stays as it is or not. On the composing/interpretation side, it’s going pretty well. The more it goes, the more details become clear and tracks become quite easy to figure out.

What’s new since the last major update ?

I decide to leave the track « Prepare to fight » as it is, not matter what. Event if it’s only percussions and few melody, I think that it doesn’t need more stuff, and totally deal with it. So out of 6 tracks, 3 are completed (2.0, All. Those. Moments. & Prepare to fight). Among the 3 other tracks, « Time » is on it’s way & « Before Apocalypse » is on creative process. Both of these tracks inspired a preview track named « Bridge Of Time ».

Bridge Of Time… or how to do an awesome preview without mixing tracks.

Yup ! *thumbs up*

I didn’t took two tracks, cut them into pieces and then mix the whole thing. Instead, I simply started a brand new song, from nothing else than my imagination and few patterns that were common for both tracks « Time » & « Before Apocalypse ». I named it « Bridge Of Time » for 2 reasons: it was built to be the middle part of « Time », but after a moment I realised it was a unique track in itself that sort of « link » two tracks together.

Click the links for Free downloads on soundcloud for PERSONAL & NON-COMMERCIAL use, thanks. :)

As you hear it on YouTube. | Alternative Mastering (piano more bright)
Picture by yuumei, click ! :D

Cool events that happened recently 

My track « Hearts & Feelings » has been featured on ThePrimeCronus. | I have a playlist on H.O.L.A.F (aka xXFightandLegendXx). | I’ve reached over 1 730 views on YouTube & over 930 plays on SoundCloud.

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