Amazing tracks from AWESOME artists & Mini-Album Time Update :P

Hello epic bros ! :D
Hope you had (and still have) an awesome weekend ! :)

This week, I share some awesome tracks & I keep you updated with my album.

I’m in love with those songs :

Mini-Album Time Updates :

I got a really good new ! My mini-album is in progress and I can say that the only song I’m truly struggling is Midnight Nightmares. This month, I’ll work on Before Apocalypse and Time, since they’re both piano-roll tracks and it’s quite long to do.

Btw, speaking of mini-album : I’m currently working on a track and it sounds freaking awesome !!

… for a WIP. Hahaha !

I’m still not really sure about the way I could finish that track, since my initial melody doesn’t really match with the feeling of the song. BUT, The more I listen to that « final result WIP with synth and FX », the more I like it. Like in the original WIP, I still « feel » the piano. The FX add a special chaotic mood and the synth put emphasis and add a futuristic mood to the track.

This song might have turned out quite different from the original concept, but I really like it.

Beside that, I’ll probably modify « 2.0 » because the sound for the voice part kinda beaks the song. I’ll try some instruments, just in case it adds more feels to the track. I’ll also probably use my album demo « Bridge OF Time » to do the track « Time ». I say probably cause I have soooooo many ideas these days, the songs might turn out totally different from it’s original mood.

I’m so excited to finally share my album with you guys,

Until then, thanks for reading my blog and supporting my music !
You’re amazing !

Have an awesome & Epic day,

Featured picture took here :


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