Weekly Post : 5 awesome tracks, « Bridge of time » explained & The « Midnight Nightmare » Project.

Hello !

Today there’s like 3 post in one : 5 awesome tracks of the week, I explain the track « Bridge Of Time » and talk about the project « Midnight Nightmare ». It’s super huge, haha, I was suppose to explain way more track but well, since it’s super long I’ll focus on the most recent one.

Featured picture :
Journey to the Hero’s City by CaoChiNhan |

Journey to the Hero’s City by CaoChiNhan on deviantART

5 tracks of the week

Destroyers in the Sky by James Dooley & Danny Cocke (Position Music)

Aethos by Kevin Rix (Audiomachine)

Hero by Hafiz Hais

Symbols & Signs by Saszer

Ultima Necat by Guy-Roger Duvert

Behind the track : Interpretation of Bridge of Time

Since I prefer to let people interpret their own way my tracks, I’d like to specify that it’s perfectly ok if the meaning I’ll talk about are not the one you imagined. In fact, the following symbolism interpretation are personal ones I use during the creative process. I’d be really happy to read your own stories about what my track actually inspire you. :D

When someone asked me why it had no obvious time references, I simply answer:

The repetitive piano/sort of flute melody is a symbol for:
time is going fast (flute)
even if we try to slow it down (piano):
it will catch us at one day or another (the end part with the synth.. that has the same melody as sort of flute).

Let’s go further in interpretation:

Each instruments has it’s time :
Sort of synth flute melody sounds a little old to me: that’s the past.
The present is the piano, since it never gets old.
If you listen closely, the haunting sound looks like a starship ready for flight. It is how I represent future, with the synth.

In short, it’s about the feelings we have when we think « 24 hours is not enough !! » and the fear of not having enough years to do all we want to do. However, Future is a hopeful place we shouldn’t be afraid of, so I picked the Square Lead synth which is not too dramatic.

Does that means that every time you hear piano and synth the track is about future ?! Nope. Tracks such as « 2.0 » and « My Life As A Vintage Videogame » use synthesizer to give a certain personality to the track.

Mini-Album Time | The « Midnight Nightmare » Project

So this is the project that I had the more difficulties to figure out… until this past friday.

There are moments where I create a song from nothing and I only care about learning something from it: I call these tracks « learning/creative tracks ». Few weeks ago, I started « The Strings » project which was a improvisation on midi-roll to learn how to make people feel like they loose control and get super confused with only strings and piano. When i finished the one minute project, I realize it had potential but thought it was really weird… until this past friday.

That day, I listened to the track « The Strings » just in between « All. Those. Moments. » & « Prepare to Fight ». What a surprise when I realized it actually fit in the mood of the mini-album. Hahaha, a track that was supposed to be a loop mixing track may end up as a piano-roll track as well. I’ll keep trying to do a loop mixing track for that title too and choose which one I want to the album. The tag line of new « Midgnight Nightmare » would stay the same as it was written in Janurary’s major update post. Concerning other tracks, Time still on creative process and is not completed yet.

That’s all for today’s post,
Thanks for reading !

Have an awesome & epic day,


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