Favorite Albums Serie #1 : Position Music

Hello ! :)

It’s been a while since I want to do a huge playlist of my favorites tracks from different music libraries, so I decided I’ll take the time to do it today. :D Here’s the first one, a list of my favorite albums from Position Music.

Jo Blankenburg
Official webstite : http://www.joblankenburg.com

Favorite tracks : Dystopic | Hymn Of The Apocalypse | Lament for Cherubin | Vendetta

Favorite Tracks: Gryphonheart | Illumielle | Zephyrus | Theogony

Danny Cocke
Official website : http://www.dannycocke.com/

Verge of Total Chaos
Favorite tracks : Verge of Total Chaos | By Subconscious Design | Forging A New Light | Our Only Hope

Darkness Devours
Favorite tracks : Acceleration Point | Collider

Jack Trammell
Official website : http://www.jacktrammellmusic.com/

Pillars of Creation
Favorite tracks: Catastrophic | Echelon | The Pillar of Creation | Obsidian Butterfly

The Fall Out
Favorite tracks : Neuromorph | The Fallout | Forever in a Day | Transitive

James Dooley
Official Website : http://jimdooley.com/

Veiled Nation
Favorites tracks : Black Sun (ft. Celldweller) | Rise from the Underworld (ft. Celldweller) | Apotheosis | Supernatural


Favorite tracks : Mystified | The Story of You and Me | Seven Littles Dream | Conquering Heights

I also found those awesome albums while browsing the official website :

Innovation – James Davies
Organic Stories – Robin Housman and Russell Kostulir + Richard Powell
Antisleep Vol.3 – Blue Stahli
Clubstep – Nifty Trick
Open to Dreaming – Shaun O’Brien

Artworks & Mini-Album Updates of the week will be online soon,
Have an awesome and epic day !
This post is for free promotion & entertainment purpose only.
Featured picture : http://yuumei.deviantart.com/art/Fisheye-Placebo-Solo-for-the-Self-284285329
Thought it would match pretty well for an epic sharing spree post ! :D
If your a composer / Position Music staff and want your work to be removed of my blog, please, contact me on my facebook fanpage’s inbox here .


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