Weekly Post ! :D // Artworks, Updates & DeviantART’s ADD serie.

I reached over 1900 channel views on YouTube and over 1000 plays on SoundCloud. OMG, really ?!!
I wanna say a HUUUGE thanks to every single one of you that actually clicked on those play buttons and visited my channel, it means the entire world for me.

Mini-Album Time Update

Tracks done and ready to show | 2PointO, All. Those. Moments., Prepare to Fight & Before Apocalypse.
To celebrate my 1 000 plays & over 1 900 channel view, Before Apocalypse’s WIP is coming soon. :D
Yup, since the track is finished and I don’t want to spoil the tracks, I’ll only publish the first WIP version and to be honest, it sounds really awesome. It’s more ambient mixed with cinematic though.

Tracks that still in progress | The Midnight Nightmare Project & Time.
I have a pretty clear idea of how I’d like those progress and end. If everything go well, I think i’d be fine to finish them on Fall 2014. Let’s say it’s an UNOFFICIAL date.

deviantART’s ADD journals serie.

I recently started a three-part serie that talk about living with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) when you’re an artist. I think it’s quite important since it’s misunderstood and quite common over the worldwide population.
In these post I give tips about dealing with distractions, staying focused and some advices for insomniac moments.

If you want to read them, here’s the introduction journal with the summary:

Artworks of the week

Another picture doesn’t feature up there, because there’s no free download available.

+Brother Sleep+ by Gasara on deviantART

Others artworks links :

Rainy Season by nuriko-kun on deviantART

Fem – Presicola by iumazark on deviantART

Third Sunrise by Zim2687 on deviantART

Celestial Warrior Leah by Carlos-Quevedo on deviantART

Last Cross by kandasama on deviantART

Note to the artists:
As usual, if your artwork appear on my blog, is purely to promte art & I don’t make profit of it. This blog the main goal to promote music and arts since I personally thinks they are underestimated fields and artists should be more known for their hard work.


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