My dad is stronger than Chuck Norris.

Hey bros,

This week, I’ll take a mini-break of epicness to talk about my dad.

Through the time, my dad survived car crashes & various health problems and still live fully, one day at a time.
He’s been sick recently and now stuck in a bed for a while… in hospital. Since Thursday.
Good news ! He’s getting better everyday, even if he still in intensive care.

‘Cause you know, my dad is stronger than Chuck Norris.
& I love him.

ON A WAYYY MORE HAPPY MOOD, I’ll keep composing & do weekly posts. I have new subs recently and reached over 2 000 views, that’s so FREAKING AWESOME !! :D

Songs I NEED to listen as soon as possible :

Bonus ! :D

I have MixCloud, 8tracks & deviantArt. =)
New track on it’s way, probably for the album. (still only on keyboard)
Loop mixing track also on it,s way, for youtube. :P


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