The Midnight Nightmare Project comes *FINALLY* to reality !

It’s 43 seconds length & quite awesome piano.

And you know what? I just love the result. o_o
Just. Love. It!

Because sometimes, composers HAVE to experiment and try new things…

You know that function « step by step » which allows the software to record ONLY when you play… So it makes it easier to place your note on the right after you finished recording ? Well, that song is the « step by step, improvisation version » of the Midnight Nightmare Project. :D

Btw, it’s also a special dedication to some sad events that happened within past week and that affected me quite a lot. I lost the creative part of me for a while and didn’t feel like composing music until THAT moment I told myself: Stop crying and play piano.

Turn your volume up a little more & it’s perfectly normal your sound goes down super quick between 11 & 17 seconds
Headphones highly recommended OR desktop speakers.

It’s still in progress for a final version. :)

It’s been a while since I’ve been promoted on an epic channel, no worries, I’ll be back pretty soon. I’m listening to my tracks and I’ll send some of them to promoters, sooooo … wish me luck ?! :P

Oh btw, these days I’m in a huge pop music spree here’s my favorite ones :

Nunca Me Acuerdo de Olvidarte on Audio only… since the videoclip is quite… uhm explicit.
So if you really wanna watch it, you can look for it o the same channel. :)

Epicness is back, so much love for these tracks :

All right, that’s all for today. :)
See ya next sunday (yup we still sunday in Quebec ! :P)

Have an epic week !

Featured picture made me laugh so hard ! xD
I found it here :
Fearless Knight 2 by Ripplen on deviantART


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