Sunday post is back ! :)

Hello epic bros !

Weekly post are back and start with a huuuuge update about the mini-album ! :D Then if you want to hear some epic tracks from EDM & Trailer music artists, there’s a soundcloud playlist at the end on this post, just scroll down if you wanna skip the update part. :P

Time Update

The mini album is almost complete and already 5 related songs are online :
2.0, All.Those.Moments, Prepare to Fight, Before Apocalypse & Bridge of Time.

I say « related » cause there’s only 2 songs that will keep the same version online :
All. Those. Moments. & Prepare to fight.

All the following songs are actually demos and full version will be out later this year :
2.0 (yup! I chose another instrument for the voice part :).), Before Apocalypse & Bridge Of Time.

« Midnight Nightmare Project » is still at the composition process and I have a lot of work to do with this one.
« Time » may be a variation and extended version of « Bridge Of Time », since I really like that demo. :D

I can’t wait to share with you my album. It’s entirely done by myself with 1 loop mixing tracks and 5 piano-roll track. (woot! Midnight Nightmare Project gonna be a piano-roll track finally! Short or long, still don’t really know. :D) So far, I think it will last less than 15 minutes and I try to keep a general feeling. I’m super proud of the final result so far and I want to thank you guys, for your support & positive feedback everytime I launch
a new demo/preview. :D

Favorites tracks of the moments :

J0W3x’s 8tracks Party Mix (Dubstep & Moombahcore)

Dead V (Instrumental Version) by Nightcall

The Close by Nexus3Music

A New Day Will Come by György Péter

Mastermind by TheSecession

Before ending this post, I wanna know :
What’s your favorite song of the moment? :)

Have an epic & wonderful week !


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