Epic Planet, I missed you !

Hello my amazing Epic Bros !
Oh god,Holidays. Finally. WOAH. <3

It still May 24th in Quebec and as I promised you, here’s a brand new Weekly Post ! A short playlist, some news about my upcoming projects and some miscellaneous updates.

– Playlist –

This week shout out goes to Daniel Lenz, with his new album « Hero ».
It’s. Just. WONDERFUL.

Other awesome tracks :

Many To Many by Karisigurd

Brave (preview) by Phil Rey & Felicia Farerre

I just found that user, I really really like his track !

– Upcoming Projects –

What’s going on with those two tracks for upcoming EP « Time » ?

Music block finally end ! o_o

Seriously, It’s going pretty fine. No worries, I’ll be able to release that EP this year, probably on Fall, really close to Winter… but still not sure. I have to fix some details and listen to the prototype FOREVER, then get some HUGE motivation for a day or three and compose until my brain explode from epicness’ overdose.

Challenge. Accepted.
Composer Mode: Activated.

What about monthly tracks ?

I’m currently working on May & June tracks. Original track OR loop mixing ? I don’t know. Really. And I still think about July concept. :P
Stay tuned bros ! :) All I can say is that Minimal & Ambient are coming soon. :P

– Miscellaneous –

I’ve created a playlist where you can find all my tracks instead of browsing among my several Likes & Repost on my soundcloud page :

I’m thinking about doing a small loop packs for my composers bros. That would be free loops available for remix… that still in my mind, I don’t when I would do them, nor how many packs I would do.

I’ve reach 100 followers on SoundCloud & over 2 500 views on YouTube, something special coming soon ! I keep you updated. ;)

That’s all for today !
Hope you enjoyed that post, next week music and artworks strike again !

Have a wonderful & epic week !


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