Free wallpapers & Behind the track: A Week Ago

Hello guys :P

This week I post some of my own visual arts & I promote my newest track, BUT FIRST:

I’m glad to give a shout out to Marc Hewitt for composing this wonderful epic emotional piano song Long Time No See .

Follow him on…

SoundCloud (see below) | YouTube | Facebook

Visual Art : Free wallpapers

Beside musician, I’m also a visual artist. I love photography and digital art with GIMP brush. From time to time I use My Paint and it give stunning results. Click on the pictures, if you see an orange link, it’s for free download for non-commercial & free/personal/private use.

Feel free to grab a copy ! :P

Behind The Track: A Week Ago

Before I explain the whole (cute) story behind that track, I’d love to give credits to Sakimichan that did the AWESOME artwork I used for the video and all stuff related to my newest track. It’s for entertainment only and no worries, I do not make money with it… it’s nice to know, just in case. :D

Red Haired Samurai by Sakimichan

Be prepare for some emotional feels…
Yup ! This track first started on my keyboard at the end of March 2014. Around the same time, I had some hard time with my personal life (see My dad is stronger than Chuck Norris). As it wasn’t enough to have my dad at hospital, another sad personal event occurred in the same week. At that point, I had the choice between crying OR take that « Keep calm & Play piano » attitude. Choice was easy, I played piano for hours… wait, for weeks and finally ended up with a WIP.
From that moment until few days ago, I worked on one of my favorite epic experimental / hybrid cinematic track so far.

Warning: There is panorama in the track and some sounds could have less impact using a cellphone. Sounds great with laptop… but you might have to turn up completely the volume.

Hear the final result, in HD with headphone or desktop speakers.

…or take a look to the different versions, in this « step by step » creative process playlist:

That’s all for this week guys,
Epic Playlist & Summer updates will be on top of the list for next week ! :)

Have a wonderful day & and epic week !


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