Time : Update June 2014

Before I start that post…
Thanks bros for your support ! 91 subs on my channel !! :D
9 more guys ! We can reach 100 ! <3
& Picture is done by me, using Obsidian Dawn brushes. Official website

Marie, how’s going your album?

Remember guys, in January, how excited and happy I was when I officially said I wanted to do an album with 6 tracks? I remember that wonderful period and guess what (?!) Over the months I still in the same state as at the beginning of this Epic Adventure.

The track list still the same… BUT there’s only one loop mixing track that I’m sure I will keep. Here’s a recap of the progress from the start until this month.

Two tracks are still in composition :

Midnight Nightmares // so far : Original track // Still on keyboard.
Pretty hard to find THE melody… even if I had one. I’m not sure if I want to keep that one or not.

Time // Original track // 50% complete (see Official Demo)
I have a sort of « template » but still don’t really know how to introduce it. I may change some notes to add variety. I’d like to keep the overall mood but who knows, maybe I’ll switch idea. xD We’ll see…

4 tracks are done and have demo (or final) versions uploaded :

2.0 // Original track. // Official Demo uploaded.
It’s an original track. It stays the same but I changed the sound at the end (it’s a different voice/kinda flute sound) and it works better. It keeps the overall mood.

All. Those. Moments. // Original track // Final version uploaded.
It’s the only song i’ll keep as it was uploaded… without changes. Why? Before it’s all about the past and I think that wouldn’t respect that aspect if I fix some minor details. It’s maybe sounds imperfect to some people, but to me, it’s sound FREAKING awesome and totally reflects the sad/regrets/past mood.

Prepare to fight // Loop mixing track // Final version uploaded.
The only loop mixing track I’m sure I will keep. Nothing was changed because it wouldn’t be the same mood. Anyway, it sounds really great and respect the overall mood too.

Before Apocalypse // Original track // Official Demo uploaded.
It’s already finished, but not uploaded yet. The public version is the official WIP.
Additional sounds in the final version include synth & FX. No drums.

the January post ? (click me !)
Album Preview ? click here :D

Have a nice and wonderful day !

I missed that song SO. FREAKING. MUCH. So glad I *finally* found it !!


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