Bonne fête Québec !! ( Happy Birthday Quebec !! ) // Artist from Quebec + Emotional tracks

Hello epic bros !!

This week (well, today! :D ) is Quebec’s national birthday !!! :D

So this week I dedicate my playlist to my hometown : the province of Quebec. Some songs are in french, since Quebec is mostly a french province and put a lot of efforts into keeping our french (quick reminder : the rest of Canada speaks english, as well as our south neighbours USA.)

I also promise some epic emotional tracks, so I’ll share a 1-hour mix by ThePrimeCronus with the tracks list at the end of this post.

Céline Dion ft. Ne-Yo // Incredible

Marie-Mai // Indestructible toi
The reference in this song is a tribute to Britney Spears, who keep singing and act like everything is fine on stage when, in fact, everything seems out of control in her personal life.

Loco Locass // M’accrocher ?
This song is quite dark… but still super duper awesome.
It’s about depression and suicide… #ThoseFeels !!

Les Cowboys Fringants // La Reine
This song is about a lady helping homeless people. :)

Epic Emotional Music Vol.1 (1-hour mix)
Want more ? Vol. 2 | Vol. 3 | Vol. 4

0:42 Gothic Storm – Follow Your Heart
2:51 Davide Raia – I Believe
5:03 Roger Subirana Mata – Between Worlds
9:57 Rameses B – Memoirs
13:03 Two Steps From Hell – Children From The War
15:32 Brand X Music – Days of Old
18:06 Gothic Storm – It Begins
20:58 Audiomachine – Tree of Life
22:56 Fired Earth Music – Aphelion
25:19 Yasuharu Takanashi – Senya
27:26 Alex Must – Birth of Fairies
30:13 Artem Bank – Alone
31:55 Bruton Music – Divided Worlds
34:06 Two Steps From Hell – Forgotten September
36:35 Vangelis – Rachael’s Song
40:52 Jeremy Soule – Luxon Theme
44:22 Brand X Music – Paradise Lost
46:58 Howard Shore – The Bridge of Khazad Dum (Man of Steel Trailer Music/LOTR OST)
50:05 Audiomachine – An Unfinished Life
52:05 Immediate Music – Fading Light
54:38 David Feslyan – This Day We Die
57:34 Sprint Music – The End

Have a wonderful week !! :P


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