July 2014 : Official Tracklist

Exclusive : Official Time EP Tracklist

Time EP | Official Updates Blog

Hello Epic Bros !!

Welcome to a brand new blog dedicated to my first EP « Time ». No worry, I won’t forget weekly posts on CinematiQc !

I created this blog because I wasn’t able to created another feature page on my main blog. I tried different options, and finally chose WordPress, once again.

Even if it’s not totally finished, I can already tell you an official tracklist.
(note : Order may change.)

  1. 2.0 – 3:00
  2. All.Those.Moments – 2:01
  3. Prepare To Fight – 1:34
  4. Before Apocalypse – 2:30
  5. Midnight Nightmare – 0:44
  6. Bridge Of Time – 1:08
  7. A Week Ago – 2:33

+ 2 more tracks ! | approximative lenght : 20 minutes

I’ll finally keep Midnight Nightmare & Bridge Of Time as they are, since they both were welcomed AND ALSO because I honestly have no idea how to finish them. (Sorry !) For this reason, I decided to do…

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