Listening in repeat the same song… FEELS. SO. GREAT ! <3

Hello epic bros ! :)

How’s your day ?

This week is a huuuge one, there so many things going on. Here’s what I have to share with you : a playlist of various styles, a dA’s gallery, some awesome links & a mini update of my life… all in one post. WOOT ! :D

– Playlist: Various Styles –

Pop & Rap 





– DeviantART’s Gallery –

All pictures are for promo, non-profit & entertainment use only. All right goes to their owners.

Downloads :

Disclaimer (quick reminder, as said above…):
For entertainement only. // Non-commercial. // Free promotion. // All rights goes to their respective owner.


Had to remove a picture cause it was written we had to use it only for stock photo and not for wallpaper.

– Humanizing WWW. –

Humans of New York  (aka HONY) is not the only badass website to give a voice to everyone, here are some more websites that give me faith in Humanity. Website :        | & Twitter

The Montreal version of HONY, Portraits de/of Montreal is an awesome alternative for french speakers. It offers bilingual status in French and English.  Website : & Instagram | Vimeo 

Tumblr & Instagram are awesome for artist, as they can become official portfolio. This week, we’ll explore Tumblr & next week we’ll check out Instagram. :P

Humans of : Paris | Rome | Amsterdam

& there’s a lot more, check them out on Facebook and Tumblr. Most of these project are there ! :P

Art : wheresmybubble | idrawonlunchbags | mitografia | snowmarite | zhille | andresbestardmaggio | mihail-doman

Photo: drewmogenesis | thelastsuspect | jasonmpeterson

Other cool blogs :   tr4n-sient (reblogs awesome pictures) | cost21999 (actually promotes a shop)

Do you need help ? visit & connect with amazing listeners ! :P

– Meet Marie : Personal & Music related Mini-Update –

School begins on August 21st.

I’m turning 22 nine days after I begin college.

Last track of Time EP is on it’s way. For real !! :P

August’s track is almost done and will be called « Teens » & it’s actually Hello Childhood Project’s second part.

And last but not least : I’m working on an awesome collaboration with one of my friend. Can’t wait to tell you more bros! Until then, all I can share is that announcement picture:

Coming soon…

That’s all for today ! Feel free to submit your favorite tracks & or send me a promo message.

Have a wonderful & epic week,


Bonus !! Cause that track is FABULOUS. <3


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