Weekly Post: Artist/Student Moments & Humanizing WWW. with Instagram

Hello epic bros !

How are you? I’m curious, where do you com from ? :P Let me know in the comment below.

By the time I’m writing those lines, it’s passed midnight and I still can’t sleep. Should I mention it’s Monday and I’m having school at 8h20 ?!… Yeah, welcome to student’s life ! Hahahaha, my day starts in an epic way : literally listening to Old School Epicness Final Version & I. CANNOT. WAIT. to share it. #FreakingProud #ArtistEdition

I’m also over excited (does that even makes sense… ?! ) because you’re 100 subscribers already !! Oh yeahhh, I knew we could do it before Agust 30th !! :D


All right, this week post is a follow up of last week « Humanizing WWW. » section. This time, we’ll explore Instagram. There’s not only selfies over there, check these awesome profiles from photograph :

Chris Rivera – FacebeookWebsite

I simply like his series, here’s one of them. Amazing work with portraits, bringing photography to a whole new level.

Humza Deas – More infos here

There’s a ton of amazing views like these shots :

Power trip.

A post shared by Humza Deas (@humzadeas) on

sean___p – Found thanks to Buzzfeed  –

A lot of beautiful landscape/urban photography. :)

..#lowgramz.. 🍻

A post shared by snapchat // sean.pell (@sean___p) on

..looking west.. 👊😎👊

A post shared by snapchat // sean.pell (@sean___p) on

drewmogenesis – contact info in his description –

One of my favorite, he has a varied gallery.

From Human subject :

To urban & cities photography :

1/6 @msalisbu

A post shared by Stephan Andrew Bartolome (@drewmogenesis) on

And even animals :)

straight up

A post shared by Stephan Andrew Bartolome (@drewmogenesis) on

jnsilva – featured there  –

Damn, those awesome views. <3

Our horizons are infinite. @nyonair || #nyonair

A post shared by J.N. Silva (@jnsilva) on

 lastsuspect – Website

Every. Details. Matters. & that’s what makes his photo soo beautiful ! :)

I've never fooled anyone. I've let people fool themselves.

A post shared by •SVSBÆ• (@lastsuspect) on


A post shared by •SVSBÆ• (@lastsuspect) on

This week’s bonus isn’t related to art or music. I wanna share something from TheFineBros’ REACT Show because I just really LOVE that show, espacially when they do « real talk » / serious reactions. This one is about Teens reacting to Drunk Driving (which is a true problem here in Quebec too.) :

That’s all for this week,

Have a wonderful & epic day/week !

Much love & friendly hug,


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