Watercolor, Personal Project and Music

Hello Epic Bros,

This week, I share songs, watercolors artworks and I show you a picture on a coloring project I just started. :P
Btw, I just started a Pinterest only for J0W3x so if you want to follow me there, just click there. | Personal Pinterest HERE !


– Watercolor & Art –

My board in progress here :

Loads of video here :

– Songs that are AMAZING and last longer than 4 minutes. –

Color Me Project : Black and white is wonderful. Colors are fabulous.

I started a project where I color doodles from other artist on DeviantART.

So far I’ve completed that one :


original :


#171 Storyteller

And here is what’s coming next :

They all can be found here :

Bonus ! Transitions are just freaking awesome. He did a great job ! Share around. :)


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