New music company & Freaking Awesome music !

Hello epic bros !! :)
How are you ? :P

This week I promote a music company and share with you my favorite albums of the week. Later (since I’m in holiday for the week… aka more time to create !), I’ll share with you some details about upcomings projects. :)

-Switch Music Group-

This is what happens when several music companies from all corners of the world unite to offer the best production music to the industry. Enjoy the video and subscribe to their channel for future updates !

Show them some love :
Official website:!home
Twitter: @switch_mg
FB :
YT :

– Discovery of the week : Atra Aeterna –

Official Website :

Find him also :

-A Dark Planet by MikroMatique-

MikroMatique just realeased a new album recently !! :D Buy it here : A Dark Planet.

Follow him : Official Website | YouTube | Facebook | Google +

– Aurora by D&D –

It’s coming soon ! :) Can’t wait to hear the whole album, until then, enjoy theses tracks.

YouTube | Facebook 

– Raining Love by Iani M.D. –

Simply. Wonderful !

YouTube | Facebook | Twitter

-In next Post : More infos soon concerning…-

Around Me | Original Improvisation…. that mayyyy turn out as an official track, who knows?! :)
It’s You | Collaboration #2 with Bishal Thatal
Time | Last track of the EP from the same name: tons of ideas & it’s coming soon!

That’s all for today,
Have a wonderful & epic week !


Bonus ! Kyo’s last album reminds me so much great memories :

Disclaimer : Promo Post are only for entertainment and helping you to get more exposure. So dear Artist, if for some reason you want your music/links removed from this blog, please contact me via inbox on facebook or via comment on this post. Thank you ! :D


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