Upcoming Projects : It’s You, Time EP & Around Me

Hello epic bros !
How was your week ? :)

Last week was about promoting some friends projects and an awesome new music company. In this post, I promote another friend’s project in which I do the musical part, keep you updated about Time EP & talk about October’s track : Around Me. Enjoy reading & if you wanna hear music, I got some suggestions for you at the end of the post. :)

–  Collaboration #2 : It’s You by Bishal –


It’s a pleasure to announce a second collaboration with amazing 19 years old artist Bishal Thatal, from India.

I personally was really touched about the lyrics, when asked about the story behind his song, he replied :

I have written this song for the people who tries to commit suicide when they are broke due to their love relation. It’s a message to them that if your love is true it will be yours. You just have to wait for the right time.

He then added later that he wrote the lyrics while thinking about all those young people that gave up on life after a unsuccessful love relationship. It’s you is all about giving hope and saying that suicide isn’t a solution. Definitely a great tribute giving a voice to all these teens.

Stay tuned ! It’s You official release will be on Valentine’s Day 2015. 

Follow him on Facebook for future updates. 

 – Time EP : Short Update –

Last track is in progress, but the more it goes, the more it might turn out as I take « Around Me » as the last track of Time. It has so many feels in it and it respect the structure of the album… just, wow! In another hand, I do not close the door to the draft I composed…

Hahaha, I keep you updated. :)

– Brand new track coming really soon: Around Me – 

It’s always great to know why people compose music and what motivated them.
So here’s the story behind that upcoming « Hybrid/Uplifting » song.

When you think like everything is falling apart
When everyone around you is judging you
And you can’t even put a word to describe that feeling
You can decide to take a unhealthy path or write a song.
I wrote a song.

& I dedicate it to every person struggling with whatever mental disorder.
Or anyone else that just feel lost and don’t know how to deal with so many things going on in their life.

Bros, that song is all about giving hope and the drum is kinda like someones running cause when life hit you right in the feels, you gotta keep running for your freedom.


– Bonus ! –

Thanks for reading until the end !! :D Here are some music suggestion for this week :

Last David Guetta’s track « Dangerous ». ‘Cause I freaking love the piano and strings:

And if you never heard of Marina and the Diamonds, you must hear her newest single « Froot » !! It’s. BEYOND. AWESOME.

Here are some other awesome songs from her :

Mowgli’s Road


And you can listen to her album Electra Heart here : http://www.deezer.com/album/3940511 ! :)

Thanks for reading,
Have a wonderful & epic week !



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