Discovery mode: Activated !

Hello epic bros ! :)
How are you ?

This week is dedicated to… discovery ! :) Internet is HUUUGE, so is the amount of talent you can find. I’ll also share few songs I heard this week. Before I start, I just want to add that the featured picture is my new cover for several of my social media. I used GIMP default circle brush, my own photo & the font « The Maple Origins ». Oh and minor final touch with Picasa. :)

– Discovery Mode: Activated ! –

I always look at my fans stuff as soon as I get notified a new epic bro/sister joined the family. Sometimes I found awesome talents. :)
This week, shout out to Prince Ea & Szub! ! Here are my favorite tracks and links were you can contact them.

Prince Ea // Website :

I first heard that song :

Then visited his soundcloud and listened to this playlist.
Just wonderful !

Hear more:
YouTube | BandCamp | Tumblr | Twitter | G+ | More infos

Szub! // Twitter : @iamszub

Burn To Run Mashup

Great job also for that mash up :

Hear more:

–  Playlist –

This week, I’ll take a break from EDM, share some relaxing (yet freaking awesome) tracks & just enjoy the moment.

Amisulpride, an epic & dramatic track by Boris Nechljudov
He’s an amazing artist, if you don’t know him yet, check out his youtube !

Gnossienne, a dramatic & sentimental piece by Boris Nechljudov
Love. The. Piano. !!

Power of Consequence composed by Aleksandar Dimitrijevic for Immediate Music.
That. Piano intro. Love it ! And the title fits perfectly to that kinda dark track.

#ArsGratiaArtis | Water Lilies, a wonderful calming track by Mattia Cupelli

Redemption – Guardian OST by Mattia Cupelli

Aria Of The Sun by Rafael & Andrea Krux
She has an amazing voice & the music absolutely lovely !

Shouts of Revolution, an Assassin’s Creed tribute by Christian Baczyk

Transmission by Solar Heavy
(Chillstep & Melodic Dubstep… it’s EDM, but so good & relaxing. No choices but share it! )

That’s all for today,
Have a wonderful & epic week !

– Bonus ! –
Thanks for reading until the very end.
Check this out, it’s AWESOME ! So much love for the melody. :)

Halloween by K-FaZa Beats

Leeroy ! by BOOM (Beats Of Original Music)

– Featured Picture –


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