Weekly Post : Photos, Music & Vlogs.

Hello epic bros !
How are you?

This week I share with you black & white pictures and a friend release an EP on Oct 31th.

– Meanwhile… on Facebook: Black & White Challenge –
During the Black & White challenge, I had to share a photo each day during 5 days.

– Storeroom Diaries : Dreamhour’s brand new EP –
I just LOVE it. Definitely worth a listen, check this out!

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– Music & Vlogs –
Ready for a sharing spree ? Here we go !

Let’s start with 1-Hour Epic Powerful Emotional Music Mix Vol. 1 | « The Fire Of Love, The Silence Of The Night » by H.O.L.A.F
Amazing job and I love this channel, it’s how hug it is now, so proud of him !

Quick Shout out to :

Christian Baczyk‘s latest track, Oblivion, is beyond awesome.
(yes, as you may noticed I’m a huge fan & proud supporter. :D)

Zeng Teck did an amazing cover of « All About That Bass » by Meghan Trainor.

…Original song & videoclip (warning: SOOOOOOO freaking pink, but I like that anyway. :D)

Autumn never looked that fabulous: (video by LV Production)

I LOVE that song (Mary J. Gunderson – Road to Valhalla) and that video needs more views, send some love to Trailer Sound :

When a composer go EDM, it always surprise in an epic way. I LIKE that:
Pulse by Zhao Shen (StormSound)

That’s all for today ! Ha–…
oh wait :

BONUS !! | Vlogs I enjoyed yesterday and made me feel happy. :)

Really good moments in  The Time YouTubers Collided (Day 61) by SuperwomanVlogs

SOOOO Relatable : Instant Six Pack by Connor Franta

Impressive though!: Impersonating YouTubers for Halloween by IISuperwomanII

That’s all for today,

Have a wonderful & epic week !! :)



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