Weekly post of Sunday 9th.

Flash new : On November 9th, it was the 25th anniversary of the fall of Berlin’s Wall. &  On November 11th, it’s Memorial Day. 

Hello Epic Bros !
How are you ?

This week, I’d like to share with you a book and soundtracks from videogame & movies.

– Lost Lores : Fateful Encounter –
by Leighton Williams

 Author’s word about his 1rst book ever published says a lot about the story.

Dayton is an ordinary guy with an extraordinary problem. All he wanted was to get some rest, but instead, after falling asleep at his computer, he wakes up in a completely different place. Dayton is catapulted back to a point in time where seafarers still had to battle the unknown. A giant sea creature—picture tentacles, one eye, and preternatural strength—is headed to the way of the ship he’s on. But Dayton knows this story. It was reported in the London Times on July 4, 1874 by the only eyewitness to survive the attack. Now he has to get crew and captain to listen to him on how to battle this creature and still make it out alive. All without sonar or machine guns.

If you’re curious about Dayton’s fate, I encourage you to download the book (or at least the first few pages).

Front page

Published on September 30th, this first Sci-Fi book is for sale for only 2,99$. Buy it on Amazon | Smashwords

– 5/5 stars | Short but gripping ! –

(a reader’s review)

What truly makes this story seem short is not so much the length of the book but how quickly you’re finding yourself engaged in the reading as you are immediately in the center of the action as the main character goes from the seemingly mundane to a time-warp that leaves him aboard an old ship who’s fate he’s already learned of and his quest to save the crew members from the grim reality that awaits. In-between you learn about some of the crew members and can’t help but to develop a respect for them that makes you truly wish our hero can achieve his objective. A book that wastes no time and has you hooked from beginning to end! I simply cannot wait until the next installment of the Lost Lores series!
– Playlist : Soundtracks of the week –
Videogames & Movies
Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare Full Soundtrack by Audiomachine & Harry Gregson-Williams
Interstellar is THE movie I want to see…
(OST’s Release in stores expected on November 18)
… after Big Hero 6.
‘Cause animation movies are even more awesome when you watch them as a adult. #Truth
That’s all for today,
Have a wonderful & epic week !
– Bonus ! –
I’m in love with those songs.
Boom Clap by Charlie XCX
Animals by Maroon5
WARNING: Disturbing videoclip in 3…2…1…

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