Music I’m in love with. ft. Solar Heavy’s new EP.

Hello Epic Bros !!
How are you ? :)

It’s Monday today. At the moment I write those lines, the day is almost over. There were a lot of emotions, happy and sad. Now time to relax and take an epic musical journey (aka Browsing. SoundCloud.). This week starts with 2 playlists recently uploaded & few tracks from various artist. Do you miss art promo? I’ll do a post about cinema & art next week. :P

Until then, keep reading until the end to enjoy the bonus content ! :)

– Playlists / EP –

Let’s start with brand new EP « Constellation » by Solar Heavy. Verdict ? Eargasm.
Sounds fresh and optimistic, it makes me feels so happy !

Second Playlist I’d love to share is « Experiemental » from Devesh Sodha.
I love its dark / action feelings. (especially « Shape Shifter »… omg ! love the vocals!)

– Tracks –

01. Prismatic
Never heard of Prismatic before. I’ll definitely check his work during this week.
So far, I really enjoyed « Recalamation » from his newest EP « Ilse » published by Play Me Record.

02. Evgeny Emelyanov
Evgeny Emelyanov recently posted this amazing classical piece called « Requiem ».
It worth EVERY seconds of listening.

And « Singularity » is just wonderful. So many happy feels for an epic track.

03. Sub Pub Music
I’ll put this album preview in track’s section, cause it’s basically a mix of all tracks.
And Sub Pub never fails at previews, here’s « Survival Exchange ». Sound promising !

04. BOOM (Beats of Original Music)
Remember BOOM ? I like his tracks, here’s a another one. Vocals & Bass are well balance, not TOO aggressive, just awesome!
Oh.. did I mention I’m in love with the intro ? Check this out :

Hope you enjoyed this week’s playslist ! :)
More to come, have a wonderful & epic day ! :P

– Bonus : More Sub Pub!-
I want to share this quite emotional yet uplifting album with you for two reasons :

1) One of my favorite elder from TheFineBros recently passed away, it’s my way to say a last good bye.

R.I.P M. Richard. I enjoyed each videos you took part.

2) It’s wonderful. Just. Beyond. Epic.


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