2015: All my best wishes !! :)

Hello Epic Bros ! :)
How are you ?

I’m back this year with different projects, other music in mind and a truck load of sounds & styles to explore. BUT right before I start the Music & Art part of the blog, let’s just start the year with Time EP, few music I really liked, life update & inspiring vlogs. And one of the two bonus this week is Philip Glass’s album Glassworks… ’cause why not? Haha.


– Time EP –

A HUGE THANKS to everyone that support me in my epic journey. So many composers inspired me and still motivates me.
To all my buddiesthat had amazing oportunities and have now a successuful career AND all my fans, YOU motivates me to keep it up & eveyday I tell myself: I’ll be there one day. Everyone has to start somewhere and I,m SOOOOO proud to finally share with you my EP, out since December 31th, 2014.

– Epic Music –

If you’re REALLY into epic music & don’t know about Trailer Music News yet, then… today is THE day. Haha !
Here are few epic album I found thanks to this AMAZING epic music mazagine/blog.

Shade of the Abyss (Position Music)
Trailer Music News’ post | Complete Album also available on iTunes

Takeover (Alliance)

Trailer Music News’ post | iTunes | Amazon | License

– EDM of the week: Trap –

Each week I promote an Electronic Dance Music style with 3 songs I freaking love from xKito & 2 other songs from other channel.

xKito’s choice
(There are no trap released yet in 2015, sorry if there are, Let me know in the commens below. :D )

03.Chill Trap : Ryn Weaver – Sail On (HOØKED Remix)

02.Trap : Aero Chord – Boundless

01.Trap: Lookas – LOKO

I also like…

Slander – New Monarchy (found on Trap City)

Jetta – I’d Love to Change the World (Matstubs Remix) (found on TrapNation)

– Life Update –

What’s about personal issues & stuff from late 2014?
I get better every day, motivation is back.
I’m glad to let you know that past few days have been quite good ones in overall.

As an Artist…
There are some music melodies in mind & a possible collaboration project for 2015.
Although, I didn’t planned anything specific for the year. I guess I’ll just go with the flow.
I had a digital camera for gift, so you can expect few photos of mine coming soon.

& Something new this year :
I take request for simple artworks & photo editing… and it’s free !
More infos coming soon.

– Inspiring vlog –

I found this youtuber recently Just A Skinny Boy & this video gave me feels. In a good way.

For the girls…

That’s all for this week,

Have a wonderful & epic week !

Bonus !
It’s the first post of the year, it’s extra long so it deserve 2 bonus, isn’t? :P

01. Glasswork (Full Album) by Philip Glass

02. Days of Tomorrow (Album Promo) by R. Armando Morabito

More infos here:


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