Recap, OST & Art

OMG,*finally*, weekly post is back !

Where should I start…
*goes super excited*

This week’s Shout out links :
Airik Daily’s first album  Revolution of Theory
End of Silence’s Facebook Page
Give them some love, like their pages to stay updated & share with your friends ! :)

Okay, let’s do this!

Recap : Short Edit
(I want to keep much more space for sharing music and art.)

Basically, I been off this blog for a while: school, lost of a relative, personal issues & art block…
oh well, just life happening.
I still did a song during that period, it was part of my final year project. (which I succeed! #Happiness)

& I recently released « Circles », a minimal soundtrack featuring bells.  If you hadn’t listened to it yet, here is the video.

Download on SoundCloud.

Repeat Mode: Activated
I’m addicted to…

I bought 3 albums recently, here’s my favorite tracks of :

Kaleidoscope (2015) composed by Jo Blankenburg
Jellyfish in the  Sky

1000 Forms Of Fear (2014) by Sia
Burn The Pages

Magnus by Audiomachine (2015)

Rent a Movie Part.1
(or how I fell in love with those OST thanks to rental movie store)

In this playlist…
Song of the Sea | Still Alice | The Theory of Everything
Night at the Museum : Secret of the Tomb | Alice in Wonderland
Epic | 9


That’s all for this week,
Have a wonderful & epic one !


Bonus !

Thanks for reading ’til the end. This week’s bonus are artworks & photography.

Polyjuice Potion by Picolo | Insomnia by Kelogsloops | Cinnamon by Kuzmin Photo


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