3 in 1 : October’s Playlist Madness

Hello Epic Bros & Sisters !

It’s been a while, how’s life ? Great ? Awesome ! If you’re having a hard time, epic community is with you dear. Remember, music & inner strenght save life. If nobody told you today, I will: on a 1-10 scale of cuteness, you’re 20. Your smile is so bright, the sun has competition ! I love you. We love you. The Universe loves you. Right?


That said, this week is a « buy-one-get-two-for-free » type of post. It include this week (October 31rst) & past two weeks (October 17th & October 24th). Finally, I’ll dedicate the entire next week-end’s post to shout outs  (read here: November 7th).

Long intro: done. | Awesomesauce Playlist: Keep scrolling & enjoy listening! :)

Varied Artists & Genres
October 17th – October 18th

Sometime, I browse spotify, click on a random playlist/album/artist and I’m amazingly surprised. Here are some albums & playlist that definitely worth listening.

Epic Internet, Meet Ludovico Einaudi.

Michelle Chamuel: Electropop at its best.
Catchy, Simple melodies, Dubstep-ish vibe in the song Golden is well done !

It’s proven that, in general, a break every 30 minutes increase productivity.
Here is Student Mode: Activated. 33 minutes of instrumental music, perfect for homework rush.
#Minimal #Contemporary #Videogame #TrailersMusic


Spotify’s inspiring piano playlist Sleep to Dream is perfect for study time, stress relief, relaxation, dance lessons and so on. No need to be insomniac to enjoy calm music.


Québec et France : My favorite french songs
October 24th – October 25th

As a 90’s kid, I grew up with the 50’s-80’s Quebec classics and country. Back then, I thought it was kinda boring and not relatable at all. Through the years, TV Shows, Internet & curiosity made me appreciate french music a lil’ bit more. Here are some of those songs I could listen for hours.

You don’t speak french?
If you want to understand a specific song, just write its title in the comments and I’ll reply as soon as I can. :)

Rent a Movie: Horror Soundtrack you NEED to know
October 31th – November 1rst

Fun fact : Halloween and Horror movie scares me to death, BUT horror soundtracks fascinate me. So if you’re not familiar with horror soundtracks, here are few classics.

Alternative versions:

Tubular Bells (Full length version)

Halloween Theme ft. Dominik Hauser

– Music & Art is now officially updated and ready for November. –

See you next week-end & have a wonderful day !

Bonus ! Best of Audiomachine (Kevin Rix) 1-hour-mix from ThePrimeCronus.


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