Time is precious.

Printscreen of my personal tracklist with their respective project name.  Coming. Super. Soon. The whole album has officially 1 Loop mix & it’s Prepare to War. Why only two tracks had been revised? I wanted to show an evolution of my skills through the album. As if you follow my creative progress through the time. […]

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2 weeks in 1 : Updates

Hello Epic Bros ! :) How are you? This week is a 2-in-1 since i posted nothing since November 18th. Updates & few art suggestions, with musical bonus. Enjoy reading ! :) – Last week’s post : November 23th, 2014 – Atra Aeterna released an AWESOME (!!!) album and it’s free ! Have a listen […]

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Weekly post of Sunday 9th.

Flash new : On November 9th, it was the 25th anniversary of the fall of Berlin’s Wall. &  On November 11th, it’s Memorial Day.  Hello Epic Bros ! How are you ? This week, I’d like to share with you a book and soundtracks from videogame & movies. – Lost Lores : Fateful Encounter – by […]

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Discovery mode: Activated !

Hello epic bros ! :) How are you ? This week is dedicated to… discovery ! :) Internet is HUUUGE, so is the amount of talent you can find. I’ll also share few songs I heard this week. Before I start, I just want to add that the featured picture is my new cover for […]

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